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Inventory of Acreage Homesites

Inventory of Acreage Homesites

New Home Inventory Site Map in Fulshear at Fulbrook Homes

Showcase Homes

AddressBuilderFeatureSizeSquare FootagePriceLotBlockSection
31142 Riverlake RdCourtland Building Company, Inc.Open Space Lot1.24 Acres4,289 $1,099,5001325C
4403 Upper Oxbow TraceRonny Carrol Custom HomesOxbow Lake Lot1.01 Acres4,583$1,075,000213C
4703 Sugar MapleArrow Custom HomesWhite Ibis Pond Lot 1.68 Acres5,400$1,375,000115C

Available Homesites

4702 Sugar Maple CourtWooded1.80 Acres$243,000715C
30974 Riverlake RoadBrazos River View1.41 Acres$352,500425C
31002 Riverlake RoadBrazos River View1.48 Acres$370,000325C
30966 Riverlake RoadBrazos River View1.52 Acres$380,000525C
31010 Riverlake RoadBrazos River View1.53 Acres$382,500225C
30958 Riverlake RoadBrazos River View1.57 Acres$392,500625C
30950 Riverlake RoadBrazos River View1.65 Acres$412,500725C
30942 Riverlake RoadBrazos River View1.71 Acres$427,500825C
31018 Riverlake RoadBrazos River View1.74 Acres$435,000125C

Village of Pecan Reserve (River Lots)

4741 Riverbluff CourtBrazos River View8.12 Acres$1,700,000615D

Village of Pecan Reserve (Brazos River Lots)

4702 Oakbluff CourtBrazos River View1.61 Acres$402,500125D
4710 Oakbluff CourtBrazos River View1.35 Acres$337,500225D
4718 Oakbluff CourtBrazos River View1.36 Acres$340,000325D
4726 Oakbluff CourtBrazos River View1.48 Acres$370,000425D
4734 Oakbluff CourtBrazos River View1.88 Acres$470,000525D
4711 Oakbluff CourtBrazos River View2.55 Acres$379,500625D

Village of Oxbow Lake (Reserve Lots)

30711 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.45 Acres$217,500113D
30719 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.45 Acres$217,500213D
30727 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.45 Acres$217,500313D
30803 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.45 Acres$217,500413D
30811 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.45 Acres$217,500513D
30819 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.26 Acres$189,000613D
30827 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.26 Acres$189,000713D
30903 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.26 Acres$189,000813D
30911 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.26 Acres$189,000913D
30919 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.26 Acres$189,0001013D
30927 Lower Oxbow TraceWooded1.31 Acres$196,5001113D

Village of Oxbow Lake (Lake Lots)

30603 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View2.60 Acres$442,000913C
30602 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View1.50 Acres$255,0001013C
30718 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View1.14 AcresPENDING223D
30726 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View1.15 AcresPENDING323D
30734 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View1.14 AcresPENDING423D
30810 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View1.10 Acres$187,000623D
30818 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View1.15 AcresPENDING723D
30902 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View1.20 AcresPENDING923D
30910 Lower Oxbow TraceOxbow Lake View1.19 AcresPENDING1023D